Some books on tech I've read.

Books I have to finish reading (or to read)

Books I've read, and have to write about

UX - User experience

Don't make me think!, Steve krug english source

A very light read about website usability, from a common-sense approach.

The book is quick to read, but complete and with efficient examples nonetheless.

System administration/ops

Docker, Pierre-Yves Cloux, Thomas Garlot, Johann Kohler french source

I struggled to find a good resource on Docker, not only covering the developer side, but more importantly the ops/administrator side, and this book really helped me out.

This book focuses on how docker internally works, with some chapters talking a bit about cgroups, process/volume/resource management and general architecture.

It's well-written, and light to go through. Sections are clear, given information is complete and cover a lot of examples.

PGP & GPG: Email for the Practical PAranoid, Michael W. Lucas english source

This book was the first reference I got when searching for a book to introduce, but also guide, GPG and its usages and configurations.

Lightly written, but still serious, it's a nice read to introduce you to the world of GPG identity.

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