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Random notes

Some books on tech I've read. Books I have to finish reading (or to read) Ansible for DevOps, J...



2 fils utilisés: Rx et Tx Transmet bit par bit, avec une structure de paquet précise Communicat...


Spring boot

Bases Pour joindre des données à une vue, on se sert de la classe org.springframework.ui.Model....

Configuration de beans et properties

Spring boot

En cours de découverte, sujet à corrections et améliorations. Pour configurer des beans cust...


Spring boot

Bases Un modèle est un POJO à qui on met l'attribut @Entity. @Entity public class MyEntity { ...

Injection de dépendance

Spring boot

Sélection statique d'implémentation Dans le cas où un service (interface) a plusieurs implémenta...

Cycle de vie d'un bean

Spring boot

Cycle de création Instanciation Remplissage des propriétés Appel de setBeanName de tous les be...


Spring boot

TODO: RestController, ResponseBody Bases Une classe contrôleur est déclarée à l'aide d'un @...



This section is dedicated to flutter-related content and resources. Resources Redux store: Asyn...

Compile-time variables


The goal is to embed the commit number, date, and tag version into the binary. -ldflags -X go b...

UX recommendations and design principles

Random notes

Colour Some design principles I follow around colour. I pick 4 colours, for the following globa...

Wireguard management


Foreword While Wireguard is still not released as "stable", it provides decent performance on e...

Server monitoring: Grafana, prometheus and Node exporter


Server monitoring is an important thing to take care of, as a sysadmin. Thing is, setting up a m...

OpenVPN management


Foreword This document is a "quick/dumb" guide for quick but complete setup. If you want to kno...

Linux-compatible hardware


Here's a list of hardware I (or a linux friend) used, which seems to work as expected, or not. W...

GDB and LLDB debug commands


A short cheatsheet for debugging. Original source:

The filesytem


Inode types On Linux, everything is a "file". When you display file info with ls -l on Linu...

Crontab format


To edit the crontab, crontab -e. Format: MIN HOUR DOM MON DOW CMD MIN: Minute field (0 to 5...

RC build: Aegis v2

Random notes

The goal is to have a bigger, and more powerful, version of the Aegis V1. A few additional featu...

Directives et évènements


Bases Plusieurs types de directives. @Input(): passage d'une valeur au composant (prop.) @Outp...